Three Ways To Reclaim Your Joy As A Teacher

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This weekend, I had the joy and pleasure of keynoting the ECET2MA2016 conference in Cambridge, MA. Weird wasn’t even the word. I was a Yankee fan in the middle of Red Sox town and had a Macbook in a Microsoft building. I’ve railed on a number of occasions against the …


A Few Questions With Marylin Zuniga (An Interview)

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For the better part of a decade, I’ve been exploring the idea of social justice education. While not a new idea, it’s picked up steam over the last couple of years with the Black Lives Matter movements, ethnic studies initiatives, and the need for diversifying the teaching profession. In the …


A Quick Note About This 40 Under 40 List Thing

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You’re right: I don’t look under 40. I’m an old soul and I’ve stopped trying to correct folks en masse. Audrey and Chris decided to congratulate me for still being under 40. I have enough mileage in teaching years that I might disqualify myself. But alas, I’m here. And with …


Let Students Pronounce Themselves (On Pronouns and Identity) [Guest Post]

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But we must, of course, keep doing the work. We must constantly reimagine what we teach and how we teach it. We must make our schools places that welcome and center, rather than simply tolerate or accommodate, trans students and students of color.*

Here’s one move I made at the start of this school year: letting students pronoun/ce themselves on the first day.

Jose Vilson

Hope of a Black – Latino Educator (Evolution)

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Come here. Please take a seat with me and let’s talk about evolution. Your morning routine hasn’t changed in years. You roll swiftly out of bed, but your eyes have barely opened yet. You’re thinking about your students before you’re done brushing your teeth. You’re out the door before the grocery …


Fear of a Black Educator, Part 2

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[Here’s part 1 of this series.] You’ve now watched the umpteenth version of a person receiving unwarranted capital punishment for their pigmentation. These videos autoplay on your TV screen and your social media timelines. You’re inundated with rage in the form of speeches and blogs. You’ve read up on the …


Fear Of A Black Educator, Part 1

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Last night, in a fit of angst, I sent off a series of tweets: It’s hard telling kids to pledge allegiance to a flag when its representatives barely represent us. #TerenceCrutcher — Jose Vilson (@TheJLV) September 20, 2016 Without hesitation, someone decided to reply with “Why not move to a …


Love and Hate, Sorta (It’s Only Been Two Days)

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“Vilson, tu si ere malo!” It was the most random comment. For whatever reason, middle school students crack me up. Perhaps a large part of their being necessitates testing limits within the first few days of getting to know a teacher. Perhaps they insist that the first two days don’t …


The First Parent-Teacher Conference of One

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I’m not supposed to be nervous about the first day. A couple of weeks ago, I told six hundred or so adults in Oak Park, IL that the first day doesn’t matter. I said it was the second day and beyond that ultimately determine a teacher’s effectiveness. But this first day …