Thanks again for trying to reach me!

Please allow for 24 hours or so for me to respond to your query. A few things:

  • Speaking engagements / workshops: As a full-time classroom teacher, I accept only a select number of speaking engagements, but I'd love to hear what we can create together.
  • News / media: For all interviews, media appearances, and print interviews, this is the place to reach out to me.
  • Guest articles: I don't accept any of these unless I know you, and even then.
  • Products: I am highly selective about the products I endorse or try out. I reserve the right to approve whether I share your product with my audience. This includes books, technology, or any resource.
  • Appreciation / thank you: I don't always get to these as quick as I'd love, but I appreciate any and all of these sincere messages of uplift and gratitude.

As a full-time classroom teacher, I appreciate your patience as I sift through the messages on my own. If you have a "shorter" deadline, Twitter always works! Brevity is key there. Blessings!