15 Things I Believe In Right Now (Including the F-Word)

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Oh, God.

I haven’t done a manifesto in about a year and a half, though I believe the composite of my postings here for the last few years gives you a clear picture as to who I am and where I stand on all these disparate issues. Then, every so often, the definitions I’ve set for myself and my surroundings get tested with things I, upon first reaction, consider irrational and not worth my time. Then, I find that these moments provide a moment of reflection for me that I can’t forgo. With that, I give you 25 things I believe in right now:

1) I believe the media’s blowing up Donald Trump because they’re trying to distract us from the misery that they’re failing to report about the average American life. Donald Trump is a puppet of immense proportions willing to spout anything so we’ll keep talking about him. I won’t.

2) I believe it’s hard for us observing anything in the media that there’s much difference between the Democrats and Republicans without concrete action either way.

3) I believe we shouldn’t have to follow everyone back on any social media network. (Also, I believe #teamfollowback fails majorly to #teaminterest. If I’m not interested in your content, it’s not a knock against you personally. I just don’t need it.)

4) I believe people using the Obama as custodian to Bush’s messes defense for his first couple of years as president should still remember what he has (and hasn’t) done.

5) I believe Al Sharpton’s “Ivory Tower” comments volleyed at Cornel West out-duel West’s contention about Sharpton’s (contentious) collaborations with Barack Obama.

6) I believe that we shouldn’t just rely on voices from the ivory tower of higher ed / policy to defend the voice of the people. It’s great to have allies in the fight for our public education, but people who rely on others to speak for them won’t see real progress. Enough of us have to speak up.

7) I believe people often overlook the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were both sponsored by public funds, so they couldn’t be swayed against their own ideals about the public interest.

8) I believe the difference between me and the rest of the education bloggers you all read is my effective use of the word “fuck.” For instance …

9) I believe none of the edu-deformers actually give a fuck what’s right or wrong in education so long as they’re getting that money.

10) I believe in cutting taxes right now only because our federal and state governments are still using our tax dollars to perpetuate imperialism all across the world.

11) I believe in optimism, even when things look disastrous.

12) I believe we can achieve revolution through dance.

13) I believe the most driven human beings use any slight or swipe as fuel for victory, even the ones most at peace with themselves.

14) I believe we’ve transcended the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

15) I believe love has rained (reigned?) over me like a thunderous storm … and I’m dancing in the massive puddles now, my friends.

Jose, who believes he stole his own meme from five – six years ago …

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  1. love it. I also believe in the immense power of the f-word, especially when used in this context:

    “9) I believe none of the edu-deformers actually give a fuck what’s right or wrong in education so long as they’re getting that money.”

    Was a joy to read.

  2. I feel all goose-pimply right now. Thank GOD someone in the ed-world is speaking as bluntly and honestly as you. As a classroom teacher, I’ve gotten so tired of the victim-mentality and let’s play politics approach to ed reform. I love #6 (can you imagine what would happen if we spoke and acted as a collective?), #8 (it’s a damn good word), and #9. Good stuff!

  3. I didn’t believe in rule #3 until recently. And boy, am I regretting it. Lots of cleanup to do.

    With regard to #1, you can replace Trump with Sheen, Lohan or any reality show/actor of the moment. it’s disappointing.

    And #15 is dope.

    Great post.

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  5. Man…I was just saying #9 to my husband and fellow teacher the other day. I thought Mr. Canada was something…now I just think he’s lookin’ for his hook up. It’s all about what you can sell, who’s buying your program.

  6. Amen to 11 and 12. I’m convinced if everyone spent an hour a day dancing (preferably to LCD Soundsystem) we could probably solve the world’s problems. Well, maybe 2/3 of the world’s problems, but I am an optimist (see #11). Thank you for the this post :) Oh, and I too have a deep appreciation for the f-word when used effectively.

  7. I am loving this site. You talk too much truth that needs to be heard. This was truly refreshing. Thank you for being blunt and upfront!!

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