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Jose Vilson Jose

In A Complete Act of Randomosity ...

Let me lay it out really quickly. I get asked to join a lot of projects, organizations, and groups of people.  My former self used to join everything, and most of the experiences resulted in positive relationships and fulfilling moments. However, these days, I’m not the plucky socialite I once was. Rough lessons will do that to any man. Here’s the three reasons I probably won’t join your organization:

1. It’s not very innovative or interesting.

if I’ve seen it before, and that movement’s been done already, I’m really likely not to join it. It’s the reason why I don’t do Foursquare, for instance. When I feel like anything or anyone’s function has already been fulfilled, then I tend not to gravitate towards that. In a forward-oriented mentality, regressing or repetition usually serves as a hinderance instead of say, a way to reflect on misgivings.

2. It’s got leadership I don’t feel comfortable with.

I know, I know. There’s plenty of times that an organization’s purpose is much greater than the leadership it has. Even when there are stark disagreements between people, they can band together in a way that lets the purpose shine without having the leadership involve itself too much. And that’s often why I won’t join the organization. Whether it was a misplaced handshake, a negative association, or simply treating a group of people as hooligans to placate (i.e. teachers). The minute you get names wrong or look like you’re trying too hard, you fall out of favor for my attention. It’s no disrespect, but that’s how I am.

3. I don’t have the time to play a pivotal role in it. (this tends to be last for some reason)

Even with my time management skills, I often don’t have the time to play an important role in the organization. In these instances, especially when I thoroughly believe in the traits of the movement, I’ll help promote it. I’m generous with my time in that respect, and support tons of organizations even when I’m not a full-fledged member.

So why would I join? In short: it’s gotta be real. It’s gotta ring true. It’s gotta feel like it’s such a part of me, I don’t even  need to think twice about it.

What would drive you to join a movement?

Jose, who’s in constant search of the next and best …