5 Things I’m Losing The Patience For

Jose Vilson Jose



Anyone who really knows me knows I’m a really patient guy, and the last time I did this sort of list, most of these situations have worked themselves out. Rihanna no longer goes out with Chris Brown (and people are actually and outwardly discussing domestic violence, though we haven’t made real headway in that conversation, frankly). Some rappers actually have been productive members of Twitter. The Orange of Syracuse have been sweeter and sweeter lately. The apotheosis of Obama has worn down a bit since this corporate bailout / AIG scandal has prevailed. And I don’t see the stalkers nor the salespeople going away any time soon, everything’s been working well so far … until now.

Hopefully, with this list, we can start purging some of the feces that people perpetuate. For instance, I’ve decided that I’ve lost patience with the items listed below. While I haven’t yet found a solution for these problems, I hope listing them will put out some energy in the world that will at least get someone to provide some solution to what I’m talking about. And of course, these come with links.

#5 Homophobia

Do gay people bother you? Does their kissing irritate you and make you clutch on to your genitals for dear life? Do you quickly accuse people of being gay because a) you’re afraid to confront your own issues or b) they don’t act the way you need them to act in your stifling gender boxes? Do you try to play off like you don’t hate gay people by saying, “Oh, I meant happy. They seem happy?” Do you find yourself trying to strongly contrast different forms of oppression like racism and sexism with homophobia a little too much?

If so, let it go.

I’m not gay, but what continually makes this struggle real is the consistent amount of teens who come to blogs like this and tell me how much precaution they need to take in their own identity, lest they too be harassed and prejudged. Again, homophobes, get over yourself.

#4 Charter School Proponents

Today, Mike Klonsky completely debunked the theory that charter schools are somehow better than public schools, further solidifying my theory that not all they’re cracked up to be nationwide. While the allure is strong (in many cases, smaller class sizes, newer buildings, bigger contracts, matching retirement plans), there’s a lot more that I couldn’t do without (job security, actual certification for all teachers and staff, and more oversight). And I don’t have a problem with the teachers who choose to go that route. More power to you. It’s more towards the ideologues who think this is somehow a solution to public education’s problems.

It ain’t.

#3 That McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish commercial

It’s so annoying, it’s catchy. Wanna know what else is catchy? (insert crude disease here)

#2 Non-Sports News about A-Rod

For the love of Christ! I get it. Alex Rodriguez is a philandering, flip-flopping cheater for the greediest sports team of all time, but do we NEED to know who and how many women he’s had carnal relations with out there? No. Do I need to know which “exotic” chick or blonde dominatrix he’s fooling around with? Definitely not. Would I like to know how that torn labrum’s doing? Absolutely.

Why? Because it’s about baseball!

#1 AIG / The Powers That Be

I can’t say I haven’t felt the tough economy the way that others with more money have. Those of us who are in the working / poor class seem to have a better grasp on what’s going on simply because they had very little money to begin with. But this AIG business has annoyed me to no end. Because we taxpayers for all intents and purposes basically own this bank and they’re still getting bonuses. Because we taxpayers are seeing one by one either no refund or have to actually pay more out of their pocket because of this economy. Because I’m still not seeing how that huge stimulus bill has contributed to the well-being of the people who helped bail out these douches to begin with.

But the problem I’m seeing with everyone is that we’re not demanding more from our government still. The people need to express their displeasure in the government, or it won’t matter which bank hands out which bonuses; the cycle of economic oppression will continue.

Jose, whose already thinking about remodeling his entire site …