Boys of Color, Richard Sherman, and Addressing Inequity [Exclusive]


I had the privilege of discussing educating boys of color with the awesome Baruti Kafele and Jason Flom, courtesy of the BAM Radio Network. Listen while we go through a range of topics, including Richard Sherman and how race / color can affect classroom and school culture.

One more thing I didn’t get to mention was how the Seattle Seahawks corner was immediately compared to quarterback Russell Wilson, as if contrasting their “class” actually helped the discussion. Critics who thought they were complimenting Wilson on his straightforward, professional interviews sounded more like they wanted to pat Wilson on the head and call him a good boy.

It’s akin to how we see our kids, too. Sherman and Wilson both have their talents, and their personas on and off the field can’t take away from that. Yet, many in our society are so quick to judge people by how they fit in a certain box, or don’t. Every one of our kids has potential to do well, despite themselves.

But please do leave comments and tell me what you think of this first of hopefully many podcasts about at-risk children.

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Jose VilsonBoys of Color, Richard Sherman, and Addressing Inequity [Exclusive]