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Twitter Math Camp and the Convergence of The Work

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This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Twitter Math Camp 2016, a conference organized by the collective known as MTBoS. As the name suggests, this set of social-media-connected math teachers created a conference where they could network, have deep conversations, and share ideas about pedagogy, curriculum, and content. Even …

The #EduColor Movement Meets The National Board [Video]

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I spoke about the #EduColor movement and the importance of community at the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards / Teaching and Learning Conference 2016 with a host of other awesome folks. To watch the video, click here or watch below. Let me know what you think. And follow the …

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With Only Two Days Left

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… I decided to relaunch my YouTube account. I know, I’m beasting. I figure that I haven’t done much talking on video, so here’s a little something until class begins: Filmed live from my house because I’m gangsta. In any case, if you’re a YouTuber, subscribe to that one too. …

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You’d Be On C-SPAN Getting Mic’d Up Too [Video]

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Given how little I advertised this, I’m glad so many of you got to watch this interview of me via C-SPAN’s Wasington Journal with Pedro Echevarria (shout-outs to their team): A few things to note: I was hoping a student would call in, and that’s exactly what happened. The student …

Speaking on the Criminalization of Black Youth

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A few weeks ago, The New America Foundation had me and a few other luminaries (shout out to Nikole Hannah-Jones!) speak on the criminalization of Black youth in our schools. As the only classroom teacher, I felt passionately about throwing down the hammer whenever I got the mic, as you’ll …

Gerson Borrero Interviews Jose Vilson

Gerson Borrero Interviews Me on Teachers of Color [Video]

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In the middle of the heated debates about Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “bold, disruptive” changes to education (more charters, higher emphasis on test scores for teacher evaluations, and the voluminous echo of firing bad teachers in exchange for money that ought to go to already underfunded schools), I sat down with …