Jose Vilson Speaks at the AFT TEACH 2015

And You May Ask Yourself, “Well, How Did I Get Here?”

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Thanks for your patience. I’ve been to Atlanta, Washington D.C., and now San Antonio within the span of a week, spreading the “good word.” You’ve elevated me, so now I get to bring the words that usually come from this page to the adults who often need to hear it the most. Consequently, I haven’t written much. I’ll be back on the grind very soon. In the meantime, please know …

Speaking on the Criminalization of Black Youth

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A few weeks ago, The New America Foundation had me and a few other luminaries (shout out to Nikole Hannah-Jones!) speak on the criminalization of Black youth in our schools. As the only classroom teacher, I felt passionately about throwing down the hammer whenever I got the mic, as you’ll see below. It’s worth the sitting in case you weren’t there. Just as awesome was that friends Sabrina Stevens  and …

Gerson Borrero Interviews Jose Vilson

Gerson Borrero Interviews Me on Teachers of Color [Video]

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In the middle of the heated debates about Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “bold, disruptive” changes to education (more charters, higher emphasis on test scores for teacher evaluations, and the voluminous echo of firing bad teachers in exchange for money that ought to go to already underfunded schools), I sat down with City and State NY’s Gerson Borrero. Many New Yorkers might recognize him as one half of the NY1’s Political Rundown …

The School To Prison Pipeline From An Educator’s Perspective [Interview]

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“Teaching in the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Strategies to Empower Youth” featuring New York City public school teacher, education activist and TEDxNYED speaker Jose Vilson. Urban Youth Justice Director Ernest Saadiq Morris talks to Jose Vilson about his unique perspective as a Black-Latino male teacher and youth advocate regarding the obstacles facing students of color in achieving a quality education while avoiding and overcoming the traps of the school-to-prison pipeline (e.g., education …

On Women and Teacher Voice [Video + Commentary]

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Before people ask me where my Women’s History Month post went, I decided to get a rant in about women and education. Particularly, I wonder why teachers’ voices don’t get the same consideration others do about K-12 education. I had more to say, but I’ll wait until I read up a bit more about my theorems. Responsible bloggers do that. In the meantime, enjoy! Mr. Vilson, who enjoys vlogging in …

Because Mos Def Can Say It Better Than I Can Right Now

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Because Mos Def can say it better than I can (all emphases mine) … The fresh, the author and associates are proud to present M-Def the Black, fantastic raw Dynamic, true Ecstatic, ghetto outstanding Classic active every place, I have The skill, power, passion, raise your red lantern Stanzas and anthems based on expansion A vantage point of the past, present and after Rapture, master of ceremony, a master craft …

Young KRS-One

What I Would Say To A Group of Promising Educators of Color

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I had the privilege last Friday of attending Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers breakfast in Tarrytown, NY with 5-600 people, many of which were part of this illustrious program. Dr. Bettye Perkins founded this organization to encourage more teachers of color to enter the profession through an 8-year scholarship. They get mentorship through high school and half to full paid tuition, and all they have to do is get their certification …