#DontStealPossible My A … [The Progressive]

Jose Vilson Jose

My latest for the Progressive explores the Families for Excellent Schools’ (now postponed) rally in Brooklyn for “equity”. Whatever that means. Here’s an excerpt:

FES’ white paper (and the rallies that follow) perpetuates the white savior narrative emerging in the education debate. Would FES fight with equal fervor for P.S. 307 in Brooklyn, NY? Across the bridge from this rally, another heated debate happening now in New York City centers on the rezoning of the DUMBO district where two public schools, one the predominantly white P.S. 8 and one the predominantly black 307. I’ve said in previous pieces that this debate is the 21st century fruition of the integration versus segregation argument. My conversations with people close to the matter reveal that P.S. 307 is a great school, and NYC School Chancellor Carmen Fariña affirmed this in her rezoning plans. Yet, gentrification is a beast that often strips the voices of the people who lived there and would like to stay. Such is the case in Dumbo, once vacated for green pastures and now revitalized by a wellspring of businesses.

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