Drop The Hate (A Word On The Orlando Massacre) [#NotOneMore]

Jose Vilson Jose

I’m not at a loss for words.

I’m at a loss for the right words.

I’m looking for words that might heal. I’m looking for more than a proclamation, more than #NotOneMore. I want to be told that our elected officials will do more than just pray. I want to let these perfect words embrace my mind and heart. I then want to express these words to the 145 students I’m seeing tomorrow, all of whom have seen massacres happen across the country with little to no action.

I want to embrace my son tightly because he’s too young to completely get my anguish.

In many ways, adults like me would be best to keep our mouth shut. We haven’t revolted enough to make the world a better place for our children. We adults hope the best for our youth to solve the world’s problems because we are absolutely inadequate individually and, perhaps, collectively.

Some might say we are fortunate to not live in a country where such murders are a daily occurrence, but even one dead is one too many. I will never be sensitized. I never feel fortunate until we eliminate such violence here and abroad.

In times like these, I listen to W. Leo Daniels’ words, courtesy of Fatboy Slim’s “Drop The Hate.” Observe:

Tonight, we not only speak, to the members of the Greater Jerusalem Baptist church
We not only speak, to Baptist people tonight
We not only speak to, the Methodist people tonight
Church of God and Christ
Catholic, and no particular denomination
No particular city
But tonight we speak to the whole nation

Tonight, our message
Drop the hate, forgive each other
Drop the hate …

I’m calling on heaven and me
To join hands tonight, oh Lord …

photo c/o Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel / AP