EduShyster and I Tag Team On A Microphone

Jose Vilson Jose

A couple of weeks ago, EduShyster visited my classroom because she’s my cousin, not in a biological way, but in the Dominican way where, when you think you’ve run out of cousins, out comes another one. Or, in this case, she’s an almost-kin.

Such is the case for one of the few people outside of my school building who’ve visited my classroom more than once. As she’s grown into a new role of provocateur, challenging her own notions about education reform, she’s caught serious heat from reformers and traditionalists alike. The former wonders what she’s up to and the latter thinks she’s lost her way. Instead, she defies both through her usual wit and candor, and gives us glimpses of people we might not otherwise get if we stuck with the “two-sided argument” strategy proffered from the last decade and a half. I for one am glad she’s had these conversations.

The most beloved anti-reform blogger in the country pulled the rug from under her audience for a thorough dusting. Good on her.

So what happens when the most admired and the most infamous education bloggers in the country come together for a podcast? Here’s a hint of it. If you happen to hear it, let her know I sent you. Thanks.