I Have An English Doppelganger! (feat. Mark Martin) [Video]

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Have you ever wondered whether you have a twin in another country doing the same work as you?

Well, at SXSWEdu, I got a chance to meet mine. His name is Mark Martin, and he’s a black male educator out of the UK with a strong social media presence, trying to unite educators of color across the pond. His name on Twitter is the Urban Teacher and usually sports a 5 o’clock shadow at conferences. In other words, he’s the truth!

Where the commonalities end, I’m afraid, is that he’s way more extroverted than I am and, ironically, he interviewed me and not the other way around. Here’s a video of the interview for your viewing pleasure:

Let me know what you think and give Mark a shout-out on Twitter!

(pictured in feature image (l-r): Mark Martin, Rafranz Davis, Nicol Howard, Jose Vilson)