From A Semi-Anarchist’s POV

Jose Vilson Jose

Every so often, I get into this fit where I totally disavow myself from government structures and find myself requestioning some of the major events in my life, from Reaganomics to the disastrous events of 9/11, and realize just how complex it all is, and how little of the truth we actually know, but is spelled out to us through people’s actions and misinformation. For example, John McCain recently spoke about how great our economy is, yet it hurt to see so many Lehman Brothers’ ex-employees walking around with suits and sneakers, a clear sign that they were moving out. That’s also because his buddies collect houses like Monopoly and have enough F*ck You money to weather the barrage of hate afforded them.

As someone who interned in “Wall Street,” I can tell you that not everyone’s a Gordon Gekko, a malicious two-face willing to gouge people’s eyes out for a few extra grand. Rather, these ladies and gentlemen are just trying to make money with the best of their abilities (most of them anways). Yet, when it’s all said and done, despite this financial clusterf*ck, the top 1% of the company walk away spotless and still ready to play golf next week while everyone under him will have to reconsider their financial choice, if I can be a little understated.

This weekend, we also got a glimpse of Barack Obama’s tax plan, a plan that benefits 60-80% of the American people. If you’re making less than 200K, then you’re in serious business. That’s the grand majority of us reading here, and knowing that we can save anywhere from the amount of weekly groceries to a whole month’s paycheck should make people think twice as to whether they want to put votes into McCain’s pockets. Yet, I’m always intrigued as to what Obama plans to do with my money. Is he going to seek out the Phantom Menace known as Usama bin Laden (who the recently deceased Benazir Bhutto claimed is already dead), or will he give my money to interests contradictory to his message of “change?”

I’m not always a firm believer in government, but I do get the sense that Barack’s a good man and good decision-maker, whether it’s because of his excellent marketing, his resume, or his interactions with his wife and daughters. I just hope that however this turns out, we see some of the many needed changes all over. I’m not just talking about teaching either, because too many teachers around me only focus on that without explaining their world view. Rather, it’s imperative that we understand how our environments are affected by this massive big bank consolidation, continued cuts in public funds, and prevalent job loss and lay-off.

All these national incidents disrupt what’s happening in our daily lives. I’m all for local politics and understanding what the proletariat needs, but without an accurate worldview, it becomes hard to understand the needs of the people I serve in both the community I live in and the community I work in need, and how they go about their daily business. Days like these give me serious pause, enough to banish government all together, and tell them all to go to hell, for not representing the American people, most of whom have a hopeful but disillusioned (and mainly misinformed) version of what government officials are supposed to do.

Then, I just look at the watch, and understand that, with time, all shall be revealed. When the time comes, true change will come.

jose, who pays no mind to Sarah Palin, and neither should you …