Hate-Read This

Jose Vilson Jose

My latest piece at transformED gets personal:

But, at the end of the workshop, I left an impression with folks that, despite and because of my openness about my activism (and clear disenchantment with the DOE’s direction over the last nine years of my career), I actually have similar goals that many in central offices want. My CTQ board member self felt good about Barnett Berry and Ann Byrd crossing into my professional space and promoting teacher leadership. My professional self felt odd having this conversation because, as a teacher, I see myself as public servant #1 for my students, and everyone else “above” me can number themselves accordingly. My writer self saw it as a backhanded compliment, as if the musings of a nine-year veteran in an underprivileged school shouldn’t have the same voice as many of the people within the DOE offices.

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