Peace, World!

Jose Vilson

While I love the message of peace that emanates from a simple introductory salutation, I gotta do it my way.


All that coding and designing.

Well, for my first order of business, I’d like to thank Auron for all the crazy software and links. As any noob can tell, I made this site with Dreamweaver, WordPress, and Photoshop CS. Flash isn’t necessary if your site is more word-driven.

Come to think of it, it was really just me and my computer. I had been working on this for a good two weeks on and off. It’s actually better than I was aiming for, and I didn’t have to use frames either. I was in front of this screen close to 8-9 hours last night (on and off) getting the little things taken care of. It’s with this stubbornness that this stalwart web designer graduated (read: survived) from the Cuse.

Now, I’m off. No, really, I’m off. No mas!