Hitting the Ground Running

Jose Vilson Jose

Average time when I get to sleep: 11:07pm.

Average time when I wake up: 5:30am.

I’ve grown tired of listening to Kanye West’s Champion as my alarm, and I’m getting annoyed that I wake up earlier than the sun does, and oftentimes the moon and I seem to walk in the same direction. Sometimes I’m Mr. Meticulous about how I dress, and break out the steam iron and starch, trying to look fresh for the day. Other days, I just put on the slacks I had on the day before with a shirt I don’t have to even, just stretch out a bit, though those moments have become sparse. At this point, I’m much more concerned with organizing my life than my room, as evidenced by this huge pile of clean clothes I haven’t taken care of. Even people from Krypton have certain flaws in other planets.

School’s good. Frankly, I wish I could divulge more about my present situation, but I have people reading a lot closer at my text than they should. Unlike many of my blogging compadres, I don’t really have an issue with people reading my blog anymore. It was bound to happen; now it’s about controlling what’s public. Frankly, if they wanted to know what I felt about them, they should just ask. Anyways, the teaching itself is getting better. I’ve become more involved in lesson planning itself, and trying to get better at the craft. My greatest strength is that I have more than one way to explain how the maths work, and this year, I’ve added a few more to my repertoire.

Love is good. As with any relationship, you have to deal with it the way you deal with rumors – not with a “no comment” but putting some of the issues on front street, and hoping that they can be resolved. You’re right; I’m not going to list the pros and cons of my relationship with her here on this blog, but between us, I’ve already laid out a platform where we can come out a little less filtered about our feelings and intentions, no matter how much it may hurt at first. She’s become a part of my personal growth, and in many ways, a piece of the personal drive I have now. Despite my “laziness,” I still manage to get tons done, and she’s a big part of that. Having someone as motivated as you are is important if you want to get things done.

I want this phone. Like now.

The Latino alumni group I’m president of is doing great work. We have a good motivated staff. My writing’s coming along. I gained a few pounds more than I’d like, but my heart health has gotten better. I’m looking around the room right now thinking, “Wow, I really do get things done.” Whether it be that TONY interview, all the communication I keep up with on Facebook, Twitter, (sometimes) MySpace, or that book I’m a part of (and I contractually can’t discuss), I keep myself rather busy.

But most important, while my confidence has risen to new heights, I’m ever humbled by you. Yes, you, the reader. People who constantly give me feedback and keep me working hard on my craft. And most of it isn’t just a perfunctory gesture, but people who actually care about how well I’m doing and don’t want anything in return (except maybe a phone call or a reply on their wall). While I’ve surpassed the point of humility for myself, I can’t say enough about all the wonderful responses from some of you.

I think I’ll end there.

jose, who has invited a few people to guest-blog here for the first time ever …