Huffington Post Blog #4: About Joel Klein, Black Males, and Ridiculous Crises - The Jose Vilson

Huffington Post Blog #4: About Joel Klein, Black Males, and Ridiculous Crises

by Jose Vilson on November 15, 2010

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People’s reactions to this report tell me one thing that’s persisted for ages in this country: We’re selectively oblivious to the plight of those less fortunate than us. Thus, “crisis” is relative.

Every time a report comes out about an underprivileged group, we get the same surge of pseudo-interest: people make calls, the media channels put the numbers in a 3D graphic, people from that group are highlighted and interviewed, a “regular” person states their opinion via email, phone, or video, the government makes a statement about it and “assures” that they’re doing everything in their power to help the situation, someone alludes to an event from the past century that’s just like this event, a stated expert from that group gives their scholarly stern advise that they’ve been researching for years. People nod and the nation forgets about it as soon as another big flare-up happens. Because of this, people still believe we’re really doing something about the current problem and thus, “regular” people don’t have to worry about that crisis and it’s not a crisis anymore.

What a waste of human potential.

Read more at The Huffington Post. Someone already mentioned how the article knocked out Tom Vander Ark from the top feature spot. Real ed-reformers stand up!

(But seriously, comment, share, pass along, and thank you.)

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