It’s Not a Confessional, It’s a Blog (My 200th)

Jose Vilson Jose

Wow, I just reached my 200th post. I’m excited. When I had my 100th post, I didn’t really celebrate it. I think I surpassed my 100th, 200th, and 300th in a really small window of time. I’ve been blogging since 2003, back when even some of my closest associates didn’t think too highly of me writing my blog, or maybe it was just me doing anything, but that’s besides the point. Since the transition to my own managed site, the former host of my thoughts has given tons of shine to cats who wrote like me (with comments nearing 150-200!) and I’ve maintained a good 6-7 comment average, not including my own. Yet, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Nope, not one.

OK, maybe a couple of things:

1. I might have responded to some comments more thoroughly.

2. I would have reserved some of the blogs for articles instead, like “It Was All A Dream,” for example.

3. I might have asked more of those broad and deep questions that people ask.

4. I might have told less people about what I write.

5. I might have stretched my fingers more often in the middle of blogging.

But really, when it comes down to it, it’s my blog. My voice, my time, and my writing. Today, coincidentally, someone asked me if they could guest-post on my blog. I took one good look at their blog and noticed that they didn’t put any heart or character into their blog. I take a LOT of time writing a post, almost too much some might say. Everytime I put my fingers to the keyboard, I think of myself first, and think about whether or not I’d want to read or for that matter subscribe to these thoughts. My thoughts are definitely not for the weak of mind, and I have a tendency of attacking issues head-on, even if I don’t address the person directly. I’m open to many opinions, but I don’t compromise myself just because I might lose favor with some well-known bloggers.

I’ve even had people come here trying to find out information about me that really they could have just asked me themselves. But as I’ve said before, this is NOT a confessional, it’s a blog. I may post my thoughts, but far be it from me to spill my guts about every and anything. I like parts of my life being private, because the more you think you can trust someone with your life, the more mistrust there is. I’ve also had a couple of dissenters, who still read because it must get their jollies off.

With all that said, I’m thankful for the constant comments and feedback I get. My blog’s never been more successful, and it’s given me more encouragement to make those manuscripts happen, and also given me a flexibility I may not have had before. Thank you all, because you force me to expand my vocabulary, to respond to and report on topics that I love or that I’ve yet to fully have the answers to myself, but most importantly, for making me understand how my writing may continue to influence your lives much like your writings influence mine.

Electronically, we’re sharing our most human experiences. And the strongest way for me to thank you is to continuing to write, an acknowledgment of your continued participation in our conversations …

jose, to the 500th post and beyond …