It’s What I Like About You (A Meme For Schools)

Jose Vilson Education, Jose

The Romantics

In my personal journey for growth, I’ve found that the dearth of positivity amongst involved adults can turn any school, well-meaning or otherwise, into a dumping ground of negative soot. In such an environment, it only makes sense that kids suffer. While I don’t participate in too much negative banter nor do I like simply listing problems that exist if not accompanied by some form of solution, I find it’s the responsibility of all adult parties involved to make sure that the soot stays out of the walls of their buildings.

Here are some #eduthingsIlike I like:

– I like schools that aren’t split apart when architecturally it makes no sense.

– I like schools that do the most with what they’ve been given.

– I like schools that look to find ways to work with a child and develop them as whole children before castigating them as special ed or throwing them out as quickly as possible.

– I like elementary schools that teach their students strong rituals and routines before they get to middle school.

– I like middle schools that assume responsibility for making sure they know high school is the real bridge to adulthood, not the phase they’re in at that point.

– I like schools that empower teachers to become proactive leaders.

– I like schools where the sense of urgency is mediated by careful and intentional planning.

– I like schools that teach the whole child.

– I like schools that balance the academic with the socio-emotional.

– I like schools that speak in three languages: the language of the pedagogy, the language of the community, and the language of the students.

– I also like schools that show students the bridge to success in this country without losing a sense of identity.

– I like schools with active parent involvement and after-school programs.

– I like teachers who buy into a larger vision for the school, working towards the students and their needs first.

– I like teachers who balance their discussion of “What the kids don’t know” with “What the kids do know.”

– I like teachers who want to know more than the 180 or so days of instruction inside their classroom, extending themselves and their voices in other arenas.

– I like teachers who are well-versed in politics but see themselves as change agents without deference to educrats.

–  I like when pedagogues talk about building personal responsibility only after they talk about the factors that lead to current (and often underperforming) conditions.

– I love pedagogues who care. And care a lot.

– I love kids, even when they make me want to hold a piece of chalk the wrong way and run it right off a clean chalkboard.

– I love kids who come ready to learn, breakfast in stomach, mind in heart.

– I love kids who, even when they’re not ready, they’re willing to get ready if given a chance.

– I like when we talk about things we are, and not what we’re not.

Mr. V, who is unfettered and unafraid of honesty as a means of activism …

p.s. – Thanks, @tonnet.