Listen To Me and My Favorite Songs [Rhymes and Reason]

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Rhymes and Reason interviewed me to talk about my book This Is Not A Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education from a hip-hop perspective. I appreciated the time to just talk things out, tell stories about my upbringing, and inject Kanye West into an education conversation.

To listen, click here.

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  1. As a veteran low-income teacher who lost her “voice” to the viciously segregating forces of a test-score-based school reform, I am anxious to resurrect my voice inside the world of those who would listen. While I found an outlet in the writing and then self-publishing of a book about my experiences (Why Is You Always Got To Be Trippin’: School Reform and the Racial Divide) I am anxious to see more creative outlets taking up and reiterating the “voice” of those who wish to expose the elitist and cultural racism inherent to our long years of bowing down to NCLB and R2T (testing) educational policies. THANK YOU for your efforts in this battle.

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