Mmmmm Oh My Gosh, Stop Lying, Ms. Moskowitz! [Medium]

Jose Vilson Education, Jose

Remember that piece I wrote at the Progressive? Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz’ team decided to write a response. I didn’t expect it, but nonetheless, here’s my response on Medium. An excerpt:

You can’t speak to agency if you’re trying to co-opt the parents of PS 307 in your argument for why we need more charters. You can’t speak to agency if you force parents and students to attend rallies under threat of, you guessed it, kicking them out. You can’t speak to agency if the pedagogy in your buildings feel less like liberation and more like indoctrination. You can’t speak to agency if kids can’t even pass the hallways without making a peep or have lunch periods where they only get to dine.

Read the rest here and let me know what you think. Thanks!