Mr. Vilson’s #SoGoneChallenge (Chance The Rapper Has Nothing On Me)

Jose Vilson Jose, Video

So so so so.

I got a message from a former student. He said, “Pick three numbers.” As a joke and a nod to Fetty Wap, I said, “17, 3, and 8.” He said, “OK, so if I get 17 likes 13 comments and 18 shares, you have to do the #sogonechallenge.” I ask him, “What’s that?” He said, “Look it up on YouTube!”

Sure enough, I did!

Chance the Rapper kills this. I was aghast. Not only have I been blasting Coloring Book all summer, I also think my students overestimate my rap skills because they’ve seen me rap along to … well, everything with precision and flare. Fair enough. But just because I rap along doesn’t mean I can rap, right? That’s totally inappropriate.

Of course, my former students surpassed the numbers and laughed while doing it. I replied, “WHY ARE Y’ALL LIKE THIS?!?!” They laughed at that, too.

But of course, I needed to put my foot down. Within 48 hours, I did this:

Next time, I won’t rap so hard, promise.

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