On Rue, Trayvon, and All Of Our Children [My First CNN Exclusive]

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Teens are the predominant target group for this movie. At some point, don’t we as a society have to step in and question what we’re teaching our children about race? Isn’t it our responsibility as caring adults to tell our children that our differences only make our country richer in experience? How do we get our young boys and girls to understand that the difference they see in skin color, facial features and accents don’t make other people any less human? How can we change the climate of America’s race relations to the point where more people believe that Rue, a fictional character, is still every bit the relatable figure for fans of the novel regardless of the race we assign to her?

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Jose, who wasn’t April foolin’ …

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  1. I have moved from teaching in all minority/ overwhelming minority schools (white population under 15%)to teaching in a school with a white majority, but significant non-white population.

    I have always incorporated diversity in my teaching, but I must say it’s very different doing this in a white majority school environment. It’s still important, in some ways more important, because if they don’t learn, they will fill in that vacuum with a homogenized world-view that’s really just a re-mix of white with a little color thrown in.

    I will say the kids are generally receptive, and they enjoy expressing outrage at the growth of slavery in a country built on the principal that all men are created equal and other anomalies between our philosophical aspirations and concrete policies and actions.

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