Peanuts Have To Shower, Too

Jose Vilson Jose

annmarysstring.jpgYesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of my friend AnnMary’s baby shower. I wish I took pictures, but I swear to you, there are enough picture takers at that party that those pictures will suffice. Now I would love to tell you all the details, but really it was just a time for me to reflect on the experience.

There I was, sitting next to someone I’ve grown so close to as a friend over the last 3 years, and now I was witness to her present and future stage of her life. I was so in awe; I don’t know how anyone can fake that type of thing. She seemed so nervous, but secure in her motherhood, as if she hadn’t toiled and stressed over these weeks and months, working while taking care of classes and her home. Not that I haven’t told her this, but ever since she was a kindergarten teacher (and here’s hoping she returns to that occupation), I knew she’d be a great mother.

This one’s for her.

“Peanuts Have To Shower, Too” by Jose Vilson 2007 ©

She is a waddling big belly penguin
Hair flowing straight to the wells
Of her expected child’s food resources
She is now more width than height
Her worries circle the world entire
Yet her confidence creates a spiritual
Womb around her son’s shelter
He wakes her to remind her of his coming
The baby’s father looks on curiously
Just like I do
She’s a woman now
So secure in her womanhood
G_d won’t wrestle that away from her
Strangers, friends, and family alike shower
The queen with gifts from the designer to the handwoven
We are equal parts jesters and audience to her reign
We rain the baby with love
Our hands spread around and about her
Blessing her and the person she lives with
And the person she lives with, too
The water not fully broken
Rich with the material provided
And the life we injected for just one day
I ask her to remind me a week before it’s supposed to happen
She laughs
As if she knows only one person has control over that meter …


p.s. – I watched The Godfather for the first time yesterday, and I get all the references now. Wow.

p.p.s. – Don Vilson? I think I like the sound of that ;-) …