A Quick Note About This 40 Under 40 List Thing

Jose Vilson Featured, Jose

You’re right: I don’t look under 40. I’m an old soul and I’ve stopped trying to correct folks en masse. Audrey and Chris decided to congratulate me for still being under 40. I have enough mileage in teaching years that I might disqualify myself.

But alas, I’m here.

And with that, I’d like to thank the Hispanic Coalition of New York for putting me on their list and for nominating me for their Rising Star of the Year Award. I’m used to just doing the work and vexing people in the process, so getting this type of recognition is cool. It’s more important because, as a classroom teacher, I recognize that I’m not just representing myself. As with anything I do outside of the classroom, I’m representing my students, current and present, and the educators who’ve come before and still walk this path.

With that said, I’m proud of the folks who’ve been nominated with me. As I looked through the roster, I was happy to see so many folks who do the work of serving others. I’m a glutton for public service. If that’s a thing.

If you’d like to vote for me, here are three ways to do such a thing:

1) Vote for me using this link to their website. (https://www.hcnewyork.com/2016-star-of-the-year.html) It’s at the bottom of the page.

2) For Facebook users, like my picture in their post here.

3) For Twitter users, copy and paste this tweet ->

“.@HispCoalitionNY #2016RisingStarOfTheYear #JoseLuis”

But please know, Margarita, William, and other members of the list are deserving of their recognition as well. Those of us who do the work know that we’ll be doing so in silence, when others aren’t watching. We might postpone the social gatherings and the networking opportunities because the people work is so necessary. Those papers won’t grade themselves. Those relationships won’t build themselves. Those houses won’t paint themselves. Those restorative policies won’t write themselves.

So please do vote. But also, recognize the power of the work itself. It’ll mean that much more.

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