Right In The Thick Of Love

Jose Vilson Short Notes

A few notes:

  • If you have my Facebook or Twitter, you already know this, but remember that fake interview I did with myself via Time Out New York Magazine? Right. The people at TONY found out about it and gave me a real one! It’s in stores now, and here is the interview itself. NYC educators / bloggers represent! :-)
  • I can’t any longer consider myself a pop cult personality on any level, but I also find this increased visibility weird and humbling.
  • Terry Tate is back in a big way. Victim #1: Sarah Palin.
  • Speaking of which, what if Sarah Palin was president? One group dares to imagine
  • Only after I finished live-blogging did I notice that RSS readers couldn’t see the Javascript from the reader, (duh, Jose).
  • GothamSchools’ redesign is the dopest layout for any schooly blog out there, hands down.
  • Thank you, Eduwonkette, for including me in the Presidential Debate edition of the Carnival of Education.
  • Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama … sooooo?
  • Saw my grandmother this weekend after a good decade and change. I’ve changed a ton. She hasn’t changed at all. All is well.
  • This morning, I woke up with John Legend on my brain. Maybe the stars and planets are aligned in such a way to make me rethink that which I love, or those whom I love. This year, I’ve learned more than any other time that humans are indeed a dynamic being, and that, arguably, our biggest contradiction is that, because we’re such dynamic beings, we wish for some sort of statis, some freezing of themselves and others around them, because it makes them feel comfortable. Once they have this caricature of what you are, it’s much easier to live with oneself. Just a thought.
  • Tomorrow, a post on, yes, that dreaded r word. R being relationships.

jose, who has a phone call or two to make.