Saying It When No One Else Will

Jose Vilson Jose

Yes, I’m going to pop my colla just a smidget.

I never really guest-posted before. So what did I do? I asked Nezua what’s up with his guest-posting. He hollers back, letting some of us give our perspective. Check it:

The Forever After:

Barack Obama isn’t just a man in isolation or the man who’ll lead this country for the next four to eight years, but also a mass movement for that future, a bright one. Barack has overtly galvanized the country in his favor and has built a formidable youth movement that should keep this generation’s voice heard, but its soul intact.”

No, I’m not just saying it’s good because I wrote it. Please go read it. I mean right after you read this. edit: So good in fact that Vivir Latino linked me as well.

Then, Racalicious posted about the lack of racial diversity in the New York 40. A valid point, but don’t they mean New York 41? Didn’t get the memo? Gosh!

And not that you haven’t figured this out already by the big “EDUCATION” tag on the left side of my blog, but maybe someday, I’ll be tagged for Secretary of Education, or at least part of the Transition Team. At least one person seems to think I fit. (Thanks for including me, Rob and Core Knowledge Blog).

Oh, and before I forget … I used my SmartBoard for the first time this year. It was alright, I guess.

Jose, who needs to be capitalizing his name more often …

p.s. – OK, you can go read that blog now. HA! Comment, too.