Short Notes: Back To School 2013 OMG What Have I Done? Edition

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A few notes:

  • Hannah Nguyen bursts onto the scene with a comment at Michelle Rhee’s Teacher Town Hall last week. Check this out! [InspirEDucation]
  • Richard Rothstein just earned himself a new fan with his dissection of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s assertion that integration should be “voluntary.” [Economic Policy Institute]
  • Contrary to popular belief, the general public values math the most out of the general subjects taught. More on this soon, but please read this. [Gallup]
  • The New Republic makes the case for the wild child. No, really. [The New Republic]
  • Salome Thomas-El chimes in about the school year with a passionate post about passionate leadership. [ASCD Inservice]



Back to school time for us NYC folk (and a few others, surely). Let’s get this party started!

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