Short Notes: Deers Dressed as People

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A few notes:

  • Most of my readers have seen Dan Meyer’s TEDxNYED talk on YouTube, and if you haven’t, it’s worth a look. What’s important about this link, however, is the resistance to that type of teaching. Check the comments. They reveal some of the issues with education as a whole. Read on. [Kitchen Table Math]
  • Sign the petition. Have the MLB All-Star Game 2011 moved from Arizona. Boycotts work. [Move The Game]
  • Charles Murray puts another fork in the “charter schools are better” argument. [New York Times]
  • Willie Colon, salsa legend, finally settles the financial battle with former partner-in-crime Ruben Blades. Thank God that’s over. [El Vocero]
  • Irony never escapes me. Nor George Orwell. [Politics in the Zeros]

Writing this week about writing, that baseball and education, and the idea of transparency. I’ll probably curse at some point, too. Peace, and happy mothers’ day.

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  1. There’s a lot I don’t like about Dan’s work, but the talk made some interesting points, and the commentary at KTM is distorted by looking at the universe through a narrow lens.

    Placing Dan (or not placing him) on the constructivist-traditionalist scale fails to capture what makes him (I want a neutral word here. Something like “different” or “unique” but not either of those).

    So yes, he’s not Singapore. But that’s not relevant.

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