Short Notes: Give Me My Props

Jose Vilson Jose

A few notes:

1. Big Brown loses. To Da’ Tara. I hate to say that it looked like it was fixed, but … Not that I know much about horse racing, but such a strong horse finishes last when he was undefeated?! I understand there was a problem with his hoof before, but preliminary reports from doctors show that he had no significant health problems. Someone out there just went up in their tax bracket.

2. This is some sweltering heat. My goatee almost fell off my face before I held it together.

3. After Field Day on Friday, I played a little basketball with some 8th graders just to practice for the upcoming Staff vs. 8th Grade Students on Monday. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but we put a whooping on the 7th grade. The 8th grade might prove to be a little more formidable. Their speed and accuracy from outside is relatively impressive. Nonetheless, with some of the shots I was making on Friday, I think we’ll do alright tomorrow. I have a knack for only making in hard shots and missing clear layups; let’s see how that comes into play.

4. Back in 2004-5, I remember getting really popular around the Xangablogosphere, and in doing so, had tons of “friends” who, for whatever reason, liked the banners and displays I used to make for my blog. After I learned a little more about Adobe Photoshop, and had time to devote to those banners, I started making them for free. As long as the receiver was a good subscriber who commented often or became a good friend in real life, I was more than willing to make a banner for them. The only courtesy (not an obligation, but a virtual headnod or “dap”) I asked for is a link in the next entry they wrote. I continued the practice well up until I got my own site, with nary an issue. It was more for the love and creativity than the props.

Then, I found out quickly how I had to draw the line in the sand.

After not one but two individuals decided they wouldn’t link me in their entries nor give me any props, I decided I needed to change up my thought process. In the immortal words of Pain in the Azz (of Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt fame), “Fuck You Pay Me!” Most of the people I’ve dealt with recently have given me the proper offers for certain projects, and repaid me promptly. Yet, some people still come to me like they’re still dealing with the ’04 me, and not the ’08 me. As many socialist inclinations as I have, I also recognize that the services I provide come at a cheaper price than a professional who’ll do the same or even a worse job.

Whether it’s my writing or designs, I come at a rate, and that’s the kind of respect I have to demand. I’m still cool with the two individuals, but people still come to me with wants and needs instead of jobs and projects. With some of the projects I’ve been asked to do as of late, I’m definitely in no position to be taken for granted. I’ve certainly still volunteered to do different projects and given my time to worthwhile causes, but people need to come correct with some of the stuff they’re putting on my lap. Give me my props.

jose, who thinks everyone will want to contribute to tomorrow’s post, and I do mean everyone …