Short Notes: It’s All Love [The Love Below Series]

Jose Vilson Short Notes

This week, I’m focusing on my posts on love, and aspects of love not often explored. For now, I’ll be focused on showing some love to posts I’m loving for the week (haters welcome, because your opinion counts).



A few links:

  • I definitely needed this for the week. GoDaddy really does suck. (Thanks GiveGoodWeb).
  • This is probably the freakiest best man speech you may ever see. At first, it’s a humble roast, but by the end, you discover a whole ‘nother situation.
  • If you know me personally, you know how much I love Avatar the Last Airbender. Well, as of late, people have taken great issue with the casting of Avatar the Last Airbender‘s real-life movie. Apparently, none of the cast members are Asian or at least of Asian descent (Inuit, anyone?). LaToya Peterson of Racialicious explains further.
  • Gotham Schools, a site that recently was added to the New York Times blogroll, reports that more Blacks and Latinos are taking the Advanced Placement tests, but more are failing them, too.
  • For my video game geeks, here’s your resource for turning screenshots of your favorite old school games into desktop wallpaper (thanks Lifehacker).
  • RIP Bob Marley, who was born on February 6th, 1945. (thanks Villager).
  • If more money doesn’t go to education, teachers like Dan may be out of a job if we strictly look at seniority. (And come to think of it, that makes 2 of us).
  • People really thought I was kidding when I told them that the city’s worse now than it was in 1975. Some disagreed. The Future of New York Conference agrees … with me.
  • Oh, and yes, I was wrong (apparently) about A-Rod. Even still, The Field Negro kinda covers my reasoning rather well.
  • Oh, and Steve Spangler? He’s the gracious host of the past week’s Carnival of Education.

Oh, and I post the flyest and most exclusive updates on my fan page. Please believe me.

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