Short Notes: On The Backs of Black and Brown Children

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The Second Amendment (Rebuild The Dream)

The Second Amendment (Rebuild The Dream)

A few notes:


“But solutionism, prefix or not, might encourage us to think that “the answers” (whatever those might be) lie in technology — and our hints to these so-called solutions, in tech and not in books. Ed-tech solutionism leads us think that “the answers” to education lie in ed-tech apps and in data gleaned from them and not in education history, theory, or practice. (Let alone in works of fiction like Things Fall Apart.) And just as importantly (particularly for me, as an education writer and critic), “ed-tech solutionism,” according to Morozov, forecloses our interrogating what “the problems” with education really are in the first place.”

– Audrey Watters, from her Hack Education Newsletter