Short Notes: Romney Flips The Big Bird

Jose Vilson Short Notes

Mitt Romney Flips The Big Bird

A few notes:

  • Here are a few reasons why we should save PBS. Like you need any more. [Explore]
  • Do we still expect our favorite writers to be nice people? Or as complex as their writing? Case in point: David Foster Wallace. [New York Times]
  • Harlem schools are seeing a high turnover rate. Beth Fertig explores. [Schoolbook]
  • Christina Lewis Halpern notices the shift between Jay-Z the entertainer and Jay-Z the Brooklyn realtor. [Dominion of New York]
  • I agree that we don’t have to be so caustic when it comes to speaking to each other, but let’s be real: if all sides aren’t equal, then the terms of engagement get a little skewed. In education or otherwise. [Living in Dialogue]
  • At first, you’re thinking: “They’re not talking about Karen Lewis like that!” By the end, you’re like, “This was fair.” [Chicago Magazine]


“U can unfollow if u want but #YallGoneGetThisWork”

– Lupe Fiasco, in response to Roland Martin and DL Hughley’s contention that Lupe will inevitably coerce people into not voting