Short Notes: Teacher Expectations Influence Student Performance [It’s True]

Jose Vilson Short Notes

The Jetsons

A few notes:

  • When we believe kids can do something, they do better than when we think they can’t. Just a reminder. [NPR]
  • EduShyster cracks me up with this satirical look at the new “crack for billionaires”: education reform. [EduShyster]
  • Josh Eidelson thinks Chicago is just the beginning. I tend to agree. [Salon]
  • The way Chicago won had lots to do with social media. To Kenzo, Xian, Katie, Fred, Adam, and all my colleagues on the front lines there, thank you. [WBEZ 91.5]
  • In case you’re wondering, it has been 50 years since America met the Jetsons. How close are we to this future? [Smithsonian]
  • Zac Chase says we should embrace the confusion in our classrooms. Hear him out now. [Autodizactic]