Short Notes: The Definition of “School” Is a Toss-Up

Jose Vilson Short Notes

A few notes:

  • Sherman Dorn schools fools on the idea of “school.” Particularly, he muses on the idea of educational institutions as a reflection of social inequity. Just. Read. [Sherman Dorn]
  • For the computer science geeks out there, an infographic on the history of programming. This is absolutely smashing. [Smashing Magazine]
  • Amber loves telling this story. I love the way she tells it. Much better than I would have. [Amber Cabral]
  • I almost got this tattoo for myself. Then I realized how long I’d have to sit there while the tattoo was being done. Nevermind. Great anyways. [Google Buzz]
  • Jezebel has an intriguing article about Kim Kardashian and the ethnicity of the posterior. A good read. And no, I don’t know how big Irin Carmon’s booty is. I swear. [Jezebel]
  • Graham Wegner contemplates laptops in schools and Top 100 edublog list invitations. Great ruminations on his end. [Graham Wegner]