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A Christmas StoryA few notes:

– I honestly can’t wait till A Christmas Story comes on TBS. If you don’t know what the hype is about, watch this parody (under 30 seconds and with bunnies!). But it’s obviously not better than the real thing.

– I was having a conversation with my girl about the differences between those who get everything and those who don’t. In her school, though they are underprivileged children for the most part, the school provides them everything from computers to the pencils and paper they write with. In turn, they act entitled and oftentimes callous, and don’t bother giving their teachers any presents whatsoever except 1 or 2.

By contrast, I get lots of stuff for the holidays, my birthday, and definitely the end of the year. I do consider myself a bit of an aberration but every teacher in the school has gotten something for this Christmas. The school doesn’t have the means to provide the children with everything, so it’s as if we’re both in the same struggle together. In terms of economic class, my lady and I work with the same population, and they come from the same neighborhoods, but just that little change in environment can make the difference between the spoiled and the grateful.

Maybe these contrasts are the symbolisms for the populations’ respect for teachers in general. More on this later, I guess.

– Speaking of which, this Christmas, I got a good 10-15 gifts from the kids, which never ceases to humble me. Granted, some of these gifts might definitely be regifted (I have too many SouthPole shirts and have no need for scented candles), but I’ll still take a picture of the gifts as mementos of their generosity. The staff also gave me a good 10 Christmas cards, which I’m definitely grateful for. Still chewing on some chocolates.

– I just watched Zeitgeist about 5 months late, courtesy of thefreeslave. Please watch and let me know what you think. Please.

– I decided to dial it down on the Christmas shopping. Only a few people will get gifts for this Christmas since I usually go all out for my fam and friends. This time around, I’ll just do what I can and catch up throughout the 12 days of this holiday.

jose, who will definitely spend some quality time with his family even if it kills him …

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  2. Hope you enjoy your pressies, Jose! Your kids obviously appreciate alot more than you may realise… And MAKE sure you spend some quality time with your fam, they come first!!

    Seriously though, have a fantastic time over the festive season. Much love :-))

  3. I used to teach in a school where many of my students come from affluent families. Because I was one of two music teachers in high school, every Christmas I would go home with a great number of gifts. One afternoon, I spotted one of my kids on my way home and thanked her for her gift. She looked at me blankly and I realized that many of the ones I received were given by the parents, not my kids. I do appreciate their thoughtfulness but in my culture, gifts aren’t totally ‘free’. You can’t NOT accept them, but sometimes there are strings attached and they’re not really given out of gratitude. I don’t usually feel the ‘pull of the strings’ (math and science teachers do, though) because my subject is often deemed unimportant by parents.

    Have a happy holiday with your family, Jose.


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    @ byg: you’re right. Absolutely. I’ll keep that in mind when I’m losing my hair next week.

    @ shelly: It’s so cute how you use s’s instead of z’s, but then I remember you’re in Britain. My bad.

    @ almacabel: Bribery is a serious crime and I’ll still fail a child who brings me gifts. That’s my word (HA!)

  5. I get gifts from teachers and students – but, I’m like you Jose, I’ll still kick yo azz (z instead os s) out or write yo azz up if you violate – all the while, sporting that red sweater you bought me for Christmas :) –

    Have a good one!

  6. Hey Jose,
    I’ve watched Zeitgeist a number of times, especially the segment concerning Jesus and sun-worship since I’m on something of a spiritual search right now. I’d known for some time about the dubious historicity of Jesus, his connection to mystery cults, and the fact that much of his ‘miraculous’ life appeared in older religions and amongst the mystery cult gods. The alignment of all those facts with astrology was shockingly new to me, and although I’m still in the process of fact-checking it almost shuts the book on Catholicism for me. Was there a prophet(s) in the region around that time speaking about love? That I can still keep an open mind/heart about but for an institution with such a negative political history over the centuries to have been warped and deceitful about its mythology right off the bat is a bit much. The 9/11 section is scary but my usual reaction to that stuff is something akin to hiding my head in the sand. Some of it is a stretch, but other stuff really is inexplainable, and I don’t doubt the powers that be are capable of false-flag terrorism. Ultimately not much you can do about it though, so one’s political energies are better spent elsewhere. The stuff regarding the nature of the Fed Reserve is old hat to me, but I know many are not familiar or interested in finance so it was a good inclusion.

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