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No, just got in a mess. Girlfriend graduating tomorrow and discussions on what assimilation, acculturation, reparations, and alladat really pushed any writing time out of the way, which I don’t mind. But I think I got some good posts for you all. In the meantime, riddle me this, Batpeople:

What is a friend?

Yeah, easy right? Right …

I repeat, what’s a friend to you?

jose, who’s keeping it reeaaalllly simple tonight :-)

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  1. Amauri T.

    A quick and dirty definition — to me it is somebody who I have known for a decent amount of time, with whom I share interests of some sort, whose patterns of behavior I can make sense of and rely on (even if I can’t rely directly on the person), and who I can be reasonably sure isn’t working directly against my interests. That’s loose but if someone fits those I’d consider them a friend.

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