Sunglasses and Advil, Last Edit Was Mad Real

Jose Vilson Jose

kanye-west-grammys-performance-1I’m surprised a few of you haven’t put out on APB or Missing Persons Report for me since I haven’t blogged on any site for the last two weeks.

Instead, I’ve focused exclusively on my new book, This Is Not A Test. The endorsements, pre-orders, and events have rolled in steadily, with very few hitches. It’s gone so smoothly in fact, I’m fully anticipating a disaster coming in the next few weeks. I want to make this look easy, because to a certain extent it was.

Then I remember I just spent the better part of this weekend (13 hours to be exact) poring over every word, phrase, fact, and space to make sure the book is perfect. Every two weeks, I’m asked to go deeper, harder, more precise about the experiences I’ve had in the last three decades. So, whenever you do get the book, please know: I put everything into this one.

If you haven’t already, please do order the book. Get it here.

Thank you for blowing into my sails. I’m almost past the lighthouse now.