Young James Kirk looks at the USS Starship Enterprise

Year-In-Review 2009: Boy, You’re Gonna Carry That Weight For a Long Time!

Jose Vilson Jose 4 Comments

2009 may never leave me alone. We go through these crazy up-and-downs, hoping not to leave too much on the cutting room of this movie we call our lives. None of the lessons get left on the floor, though. They stick around, secretly making their way into our laments and celebrations. It’s with this that I reflect upon the last year. (Yes, this is a sitting affair.) By the Seasons: …

Dr. Manhattan, Watchmen

Year-In-Review 2009: Top Nine Things I Learned In 2009 [Almost Uncensored]

Jose Vilson Jose 1 Comment

2009: the year I finally got more than I asked for. Ironically, I didn’t really get the plethora of gifts, trinkets, and well-wishes I used to get during these holidays, but that may have been to offset the tidal wave of lessons and presents I received from 2009 as a whole. I promise not to get melodramatic in this write-up, but please note that I can neither look at these …