Why Little Girls Shouldn’t Be Single

Jose Vilson Jose 9 Comments

Teaching middle school has taught me at least two things about the thought process of children under 15: they believe they’re too old to be chastised by anyone but their parents (and in some cases, no one at all) and they have control over their own bodies. Part of that is developmental and evolutionary; we look to grow into ourselves, finding the rapid changes disturbing and replying by controlling the …


No, Your Skirt IS Too High

Jose Vilson Jose 10 Comments

  A few weeks ago, when the sun’s heat rapped on my classroom window like it was trying to get away from itself, I noticed a glorious coming out party for some of my female students’ legs. As a male teacher, I’m often put in different predicaments where I’m asked to tread thin lines all the time, and my adolescent girls’ behavior is one of them. On the one end, …