Short Notes: Share and Share Alike

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I’m bringing back Short Notes Sundays. I get to read a lot of good stuff around the web. Here’s a few that have gotten my brain working: Stacia L. Brown posits that the personal writing economy is the worst for Black women. It’s worth a reader for all writers, and …

Rock Wilk

Rock Wilk: It’s Like His Heart Broke Wide Open

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Let me start off by saying that, with many in the poetry community, I’ve gotten a reputation for my honesty and borderline snobbery when it comes to writing. I don’t intend it that way; I just have a certain quality of writing I ask for. Whether it’s morose or uproarious, …


The Manhood Series: About Eminem And My Own Slight Conflicts

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“So, what you’re saying is that you don’t think it’s right that Benzino and the Source are calling Eminem Elvis?” “No, it’s like they’re using the pro-Black agenda superficially to garner the respect of the hip-hop community, and it’s gonna backfire because everyone knows it’s not true. It’s just personal …