The Latino Namesake

Jose Vilson Jose 3 Comments

I landed in Orlando / Cocoa Beach a few hours ago, and had the fortune of getting a van all to myself to escort me to the hotel. On such occasions, I usually don’t think about the privilege I have to work in an environment where my boss places cultural barriers on my person. As for my driver, that wasn’t the case. I read his name tag: Domingo, same as …

Bart Simpson, "I Will Not Encourage Students To Speak Good English"

Things Left Unsaid: To My Former Language Arts Teacher (Or What Happened)

Jose Vilson Jose 4 Comments

I never got why you tried to make me conform to your supposedly standard English … until I read Lisa Delpit. You see, it’s easy even to this day to look at one form of English as inferior to another (instead of appropriate code in different settings), and when teaching children of color, such a prejudice against (and suppression of) another’s English takes precedence over establishing a meaningful connection between …