Senator Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders and The Idea That Everyone Matters (And I Mean Everyone)

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On Friday, I came back from another CoCoLoco meeting in which someone suggested I become an administrator (for the umpteenth time) because I was asked to be a table leader even though I had no idea I was leading the table until my name was put at the top of a name chart at an 8th grade table … and …

Jose VilsonBernie Sanders and The Idea That Everyone Matters (And I Mean Everyone)
Earth Day 2010

Earth Day and the Word “Organic”

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Today, while walking to school, I noticed a huge group of volunteers who, after construction workers pulled out slabs of fresh concrete from the sidewalk, started to dig some earth and plant trees all around the school. Something about seeing earth and not dirt (note the difference) makes me think of the sorts of things our students in urban areas …

Jose VilsonEarth Day and the Word “Organic”

Eco-Friendly My Rear

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Last night, my girl and I saw 88 Minutes, which I found to be a good enough movie to keep my attention. While watching the previews, I noticed a very environmental theme (that they almost literally shoved in our faces). There was talk about carbon footprints, recycling, and all the other buzzwords associated with environment-friendly groups. My overall feeling with …

Jose VilsonEco-Friendly My Rear