Cutting Room

The Cutting Room: 2008

Jose Vilson Jose 6 Comments

Thanks for the plentiful comments, everyone. I definitely replied to each one. After writing an admittedly great personal year-in-review last year, I actually thought I’d have a harder time writing this second one. Nonetheless, they were both fun. As usual, there are a few things I leave off the post, mostly because some of it didn’t flow with the rest, but other times, it’s because, frankly, it was inappropriate for …

About My Blog: Just Omissions

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I had over 200 views on my latest end-of-the-year blog, which is awesome, and duly appreciated. I put out a lot of my personal life into the blogosphere and have gotten nothing but praises and well wishes. It takes a lot for me to put myself out there like that about certain things, but with your support, entries like that are possible. With that said, a few notes of interest: …