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Bad Teacherist [Reading Roxane Gay]

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I’m not the perfect teacher. At my best, I have a meticulously thought-out lesson plan with activities that access multiple pathways, and I can get an active discussion going even with the least engaged students in class. At my worst, I can barely put my thoughts together, and little that …


Short Notes: My Dreams Is Vivid, Work Hard To Live It

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A few short notes: Dart Adams is easily one of my favorite non-education bloggers out there, and his latest entry about the Notorious B.I.G.’s legacy gives plenty of reasons why. [Bastard Swordsman] Tara Conley writes an open letter to popular feminist Amanda Marcotte, wondering aloud about the exclusion of womynists …

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No Church In The Wild

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Last week, Kanye West and Jay-Z premiered their video for “No Church In The Wild,” their incendiary song about rebellion in the forms of ideas and laws. Watching the video, one gets remnants of the protests happening from Wall Street and Portland to Italy and China. Activists once again get …

Question and Answer Session on #LoveforPublicEd (Freire Strikes Again)

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Here’s the question from @kandeezie: How does a particular perspective (e.g. Feminism, Anti-Racism, Critical Pedagogy) critique the functioning of schooling in society? My answer? Well, any perspective you take, whether revolutionary or not, changes what your definition of schooling should be. I don’t know many who like education as is. …