If I Spoke At The 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington [Huffington Post]

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Imagine if you asked me to be the people’s speaker at today’s commemoration of the 50th anniversary on the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Here’s some of what I would say. “As an educator, I view the world through math, and the numbers look grim today. Unemployment still knocks the doors of too many of our poorest brothers and sisters while we lend out our collective fortune to …


Karen Lewis on Using The Bosses’ Tools [Pre-MLK Jr. Day]

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A few notes: The Los Angeles United School District and its teachers union came to an agreement on teacher evaluation that makes some sense. [LA Daily News] John Holland outlines with no equivocation the difference between responsibility and accountability. [Future of Teaching] Sherman Dorn gives us five oft-overlooked facts about President Barack Obama that might give context to some of our arguments. [Sherman Dorn] Gregory Michie’s latest post describes what …

Short Notes: Why We Shouldn’t Grade Schools

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Before I proceed, dozens of people from various school districts have told me that my site is blocked on their school computers. In the event that it is, you can always get my articles via e-mail by signing up on the right-hand side of this blog or by subscribing via RSS for my savvy readers, also on the right-hand side.  They can block my site’s URL, but they can’t block …


Do You Have A Trayvon Martin In Your Class? [Huffington Post]

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Excerpt: The first step always starts with a teacher’s current crop of kids. The one question I always ask myself when students walk in is, “What do I see?” Then, “What do I think I see?” I’m laying down some of my general assumptions for me to probe, then trying to understand why I feel that way. Sometimes, these assumptions come from observations I’ve made about the world, but often, …

My State of the Teacher Voice Address 2011 [The Huffington Post]

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Excerpt: We as a whole need to transform our vision of the professionals who spend on average $400 of their monies to the 30, 60, 90, 150 students in front of them for the majority of the year. We should listen to this group not just when they need to give your child a report card, but also when they speak on the dire conditions of our poorest and most …

Derek Jeter and Phil Hughes

Teachers Should Get Paid Like Derek Jeter … or At Least Like Phil Hughes [Huffington Post]

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An excerpt from my latest Huffington Post article: Since most teachers’ audiences are children, their true worth only get analyzed in retrospect, in comparison to the next teacher or in a nostalgic and proud moment of that childhood. An underlying argument could (and should) be made for this nation to raise the salaries of teachers (and other public service workers) for one of the most affluent and powerful nations in …

Huffington Post Blog #4: About Joel Klein, Black Males, and Ridiculous Crises

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Check: People’s reactions to this report tell me one thing that’s persisted for ages in this country: We’re selectively oblivious to the plight of those less fortunate than us. Thus, “crisis” is relative. Every time a report comes out about an underprivileged group, we get the same surge of pseudo-interest: people make calls, the media channels put the numbers in a 3D graphic, people from that group are highlighted and …

On Why We Black / Latino Male Teachers Aren’t Effective … Yet

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On Huffington Post: This year, I consider my math classroom an anomaly of sorts. We have not one but two black males teaching 25 or so students mathematics. While it’s true that it’s my only math class (I’m a hybrid math teacher/math coach/data analyst/web designer), it’s also productive because the kids seem to respond in kind. In a CTT (collaborative team teaching) class, we have more room to differentiate for …

John Lennon Speaks Out

A Small Addendum to My First Huffington Post Blog, Just Because

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Well, by now, most of you have either shared, read, or linked to my first post on the Huffington Post entitled “Where The Hammer Meets The Pick.” First things first: I’m glad I got such great reactions to the post. It’s a testament to the awesomeness of my social network, and how carefully we’ve helped craft the conversations. Secondly, I’m blessed someone thought my writing was good enough to feature …