Special Ed of "I Got It Made" Fame

I Am Special Ed

Jose Vilson Mr. Vilson 5 Comments

I have a confession to make: at one point or another, at some point in my life, maybe even this one, I am “special ed.” No, not the rapper, but the title we give to students who have specific needs that can’t be met in a 30 student to 1 teacher classroom. As I look around my classes over the last few years, none of the “special ed” kids looked …

No Doubt

Don’t Speak, I Know Just What You’re Thinking. [Or Students Are Students]

Jose Vilson Jose 6 Comments

“Well, not for nothing, but the student you’re looking at now has an IEP. She’s come a long way from where she was …” In my mind, I was thinking, “The next word out of your mouth when talking about my students better not classify them as ‘ELL’ or ‘IEP’.”As Ira Socol said in a lively discussion (that I’m not sure he thought I was paying attention to), these terms …