Neil Patrick Harris on Jeopardy

Why We Quote

Jose Vilson Jose 2 Comments

On Twitter a few hours ago, I asked a simple question: Here’s a good question: who’s the person you quote the most? Why? I got a myriad of responses, all …

Linkin Park

Leave Out All The Rest

Jose Vilson Jose 6 Comments

This past week, I had the fortune of, among other things, hanging out in North Carolina with the folks from Center of Teaching Quality. I got there (in one piece) …

Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan, Moonwalking in "Jam"


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It ain’t too much for me to jam. I have to find my peace ‘cuz No one seems to let me be False prophets cry of doom What are the …

Dream about Falling Down

Thou Shall Not Fall

Jose Vilson Jose 4 Comments

Today, I got to thinking a lot about success and failure lately, because with everything, it feels like I’m treading a fine line between failure and success. Every so often, …