Fred van Leeuwen, Secretary General, Education International

Interview with Fred van Leeuwen of Education International [Exclusive]

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  I had the pleasure of talking to Fred van Leeuwen, General Secretary of Education International (EI), a 30-million member federation consisting of the world’s teachers unions and associations. [NB: NEA President Dennis Van Roekel and AFT President Randi Weingarten have seats on the executive board for this organization.] For the average teacher in North America, we mostly focus on our local union chapter or district locals. The more active …

The School To Prison Pipeline From An Educator’s Perspective [Interview]

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“Teaching in the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Strategies to Empower Youth” featuring New York City public school teacher, education activist and TEDxNYED speaker Jose Vilson. Urban Youth Justice Director Ernest Saadiq Morris talks to Jose Vilson about his unique perspective as a Black-Latino male teacher and youth advocate regarding the obstacles facing students of color in achieving a quality education while avoiding and overcoming the traps of the school-to-prison pipeline (e.g., education …

Calvin and Hobbes, On Writing

The Examiner Examines … Me (On Writing about Education) [Why We Write]

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Recently, Wendy Coakley-Thompson interviewed me for the Washington, DC Publishing Industry Examiner about education, writing, and how my passions intersect: 2. In what ways do both poetry and education writings satisfy your need for creative self-expression? Poetry satisfies my more creative urges, where I get to play with the more ethereal, the emotional, the wedges where I don’t have to be professional, or, more succinctly, where I can be the …


I Don’t Write For Your F**king Approval [Channeling Kobe Bryant]

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Here is another recent interview with Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski and yours truly. The piece never made it into Yahoo!, but he e-mailed it to me anyways. The scene here is the usual: arguments abound about the future of education, the rank and file teachers jump into their political slots for the election year, millionaires and billionaires covertly endorse the candidates malleable enough to shift their well intentioned opinions to …


2011 Unpublished GQ Interview for Man of the Year [Mr. Vilson vs. Jose Part 3]

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For some reason, GQ Magazine (Yes, Gentlemen’s Quarterly) decided not to publish their interview with me for Man of the Year 2011. Those of us who’ve been occupying and marching on Washington, DC, got a little shine via Time Magazine’s Person of the Year issue as “The Protestor.” Obviously, we can do better. I know, I know. I’m as disappointed as you are. At some point, I’m hoping teachers get …

My Shifted Learning Interview 2011

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On Friday, August 19th, I did an interview with Julia Fallon and John Pederson as part of their Shifted Learning podcast. The whole interview is right here on their website if because you’d like to catch it. You don’t want to miss it! Let me know what you think soon after you take a listen! Jose, who can’t believe there’s only two weeks left …

American Latino TV

Jose Vilson: American Latino Take 2

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Ladies and gents, Some of you missed the last time I was on American Latino TV for my interview. Well, if you’re in the 100 or so cities thw show’s available in, you’re in luck: it’s airing again! The American Latino TV segment on “Jose Vilson: LOL” has been selected to be part of the special episode “Best of Barrier Breakers”, scheduled to air the weekend of July 25th and …


About That Time Out New York Interview

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I thought I’d let you in on a little secret. Time Out New York magazine recently came out with the New York 40, a collection of 40 people who emblemize New York City in all its corporate, liberal, and sleek-grit glory. Everyone from Tina Fey and Derek Jeter to Jay-Z and Liev Schreiber showed up on the elongated cover. You then must imagine my utter disappointment that Time Out New …