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On Ron Thorpe and The Bridge Between Teaching and Leading

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A few years ago, John Holland and I started this blog called The Future of Teaching [now defunct], dedicated to the themes of the book Teaching2030: What We Must Do … When we first started in 2009, we wanted a clearer vision for what teacher leadership looks like in our local and national context, not ruffling feathers (!) per se, but tackling the more complex subjects from the book. Something …


Karen Lewis on Using The Bosses’ Tools [Pre-MLK Jr. Day]

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A few notes: The Los Angeles United School District and its teachers union came to an agreement on teacher evaluation that makes some sense. [LA Daily News] John Holland outlines with no equivocation the difference between responsibility and accountability. [Future of Teaching] Sherman Dorn gives us five oft-overlooked facts about President Barack Obama that might give context to some of our arguments. [Sherman Dorn] Gregory Michie’s latest post describes what …

Short Notes: We Are Powerful Beyond Measure

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A few notes: I’ll be writing lots on the Future of Teaching blog. Here’s my first offering of the week, a congratulatory note for Dr. John Holland. [Future of Teaching] We need you to take action. If you’re against the continuing proliferation of testing, please sign. Thank you! [AFT] What does it mean to be an authentic leader? This also works for anyone looking for authenticity in their work. [Harvard …