MiBodega Presents: Jose Vilson on Latino in America

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Ladies and gents, Let me introduce you to the first time I’ve ever done a real video blog. It might also give some of you educators a taste for how I teach. I’m sure a lot of you will get the pseudo-spoof, but I also did my best to contribute something important to the conversation about Soledad O’Brien’s Latino in America, the CNN special I discussed not too long ago. …

Soledad O'Brien

Why Your Voice Really Does Matter

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Last night, I and the gentlemen from MiBodegaOnline.com went to El Museo Del Barrio, a museum dedicated to the Latino experience here and everywhere, located in Spanish Harlem, to see a preview of CNN’s Latino in America, a spinoff off the acclaimed Black in America by Soledad O’Brien. She was present to introduce the clips and answer questions regarding the premiere and outstanding issues pertaining to the Latino community. One …